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Van Ness Creative is a full-service film and video production company that specializes in raw, powerful and inspirational projects—from seconds-long videos for social media to feature-length documentaries and everything in between.

We believe that the most effective communication takes more than good technology and technique. A successful film or video production addresses passions, awakens an appreciation for what is beautiful, and inspires a person to think and act differently. The best communication changes people for the better.

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Paul Van Ness, principal and owner of Van Ness Creative, is a businessperson, filmmaker, director, musician, composer, painter and all around advocate for the arts in the greater Boston community.

In addition to Van Ness Creative, Paul is the co-founder and owner of CinemaSalem, a vibrant movie theater and live-performance venue in downtown Salem, Massachusetts, which showcases great mainstream, independent, and art films for sophisticated local film lovers, and present breakthrough musicians, actors, comedians, and dancers on its stage.

CinemaSalem also represents one of the world's largest screening rooms for productions on which we collaborate, and a wonderful soundstage for theater-oriented shooting locations.

Paul is also one of the founders of the Salem Film Fest, one of America's leading all-documentary film festivals, where he collaborates with an extensive team of passionate volunteers and filmmakers.

Van Ness continues to ignite interest and support for CinemaSalem, the Salem Film Fest and Van Ness Creative - along with the renovation and revitalization of The Cabot in Beverly - by pursuing inspiration and authenticity at every turn.


Megan began working with Paul in 2016 creating the documentary “Stories of Intersex and Faith” as a way to bring her academic work and activism to a wider audience. Megan quickly fell in love with film-making for its power to convey complex and important ideas and emotions for any audience.

In film, she enjoys combining her academic problem-solving, writing experience, and communication skills with creativity, empathy, and fun. Megan especially loves helping people feel comfortable on camera so that they can share their stories authentically, in their own voice. “Whether they are professional stories or personal narratives, stories are powerful because they change us; they can change the way we live in the world. There is no greater honor than to sit with someone as they share with you their story.”

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Emerging musical artists can create compelling and high-quality visual and audio recordings for an affordable cost at the CinemaSalem Soundstage. 

A four-hour session is available for both solo musicians and bands at our live recording studio where you can create high-quality audio recordings of four songs, plus produce four, 4-camera high definition music videos. 

This 32-track studio/soundstage is designed primarily for live recordings, but overdubbing is available pending time constraints. Digital and vintage-emulation effects are also available.

The Van Ness Creative studio environment is comfortable and equipped with a wide assortment of mics and direct boxes. Video recording is HD with 4K available.